Riverford Farm Organic Recipe Box Delivered

So I know I am skipping a few introductory blogs but while this is fresh in my mind I thought I would share this amazing delivery I got from Riverford.

I had been looking at these recipe boxes for a good few months and never had the guts to try them before I came across a Riverford Stand at the Allergy Show in Liverpool.  I think even though I’m young, it was the old school in me, not wanting to buy something I was unfamiliar with, without actually trying or seeing it.  So I joined at the allergy show after seeing the products examples and received a free recipe book (which is brilliant) from riverford.  There’s no contract by the way!

So last night my delivery arrived in style… 

How cool is that van?   I was greeted by Chris, if I remember rightly, who introduced himself and his wife Fiona who looked after the loacal area.  It was really nice and welcoming and he gave me the recipe box I ordered… 

Such a geek, I know but I was so excited about this delivery haha!  Take a look inside, all sectioned and just awesome! 

Then rushing as alway, Anthony moaning like a starved child for food I quickly got going with the first meal.  Chorizo, Kale and Butterbean.  It was so easy and literally took me 30 mins to cook.  

It was delicious, so tasty and full of flavour!  

Im sure many households are the same but if you are struggling with your meals or just the time to get shopping these recipe boxes from Riverford are amazing! 

Anthony loves a take away and if I haven’t been shopping the first port of call is usually charcoal pit, golden house, sous or something along those greasy lines.  At first the price of this box seemed expensive at £39.99.  But when you look at it, it’s sooo reasonable.  You get 3 meals with recipes that cook within 30 mins.  All the meat and produce down to the herbs and spices are all organic.  So for £13.33 per meal for a busy family I think this is pretty amazing, especially when a takeaway would cost £20 a pop.  

It’s also so nice to support a family run business too who have worked so hard over the years and I love their values… so people don’t be afraid to give them a try, I absolutely loved my first experience! ❤️

I’ll be back real soon with more blogs, any questions just drop me a line and thanks for reading!!


Gemma xoxo


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