Hi Guysssss!  My famous words : )

So welcome to my website….

It’s still under construction and it took me three months to get this far but I didn’t realise how hard it was and time consuming to do!  First call, quick intro, I’m Gemma and am finding this really cheesy and difficult lol but here goes…

I started this journey when my second son, Hanson was born November 2014… feels like a lifetime ago!  He was born with allergies mainly milk, soya, wheat and gluten occasionally, dogs, cats, animals washing powder, mud lol anything and I can’t be bothered to list them all, maybe I will save that for another day!  You know what it is, I have said it that many times over the last couple of months that I’m sick and tired of hearing it… even my subconscious mind rolls her eyes!  If it’s paining me to say it, then it must also be irritating for my family and friends to keep hearing me bang on about it too!  I would say I am sorry but I am not, jesus it has been soo draining that I have resorted to talking to myself, writing this down for the last three months and now relaying it all off the top of my head cause I have got too many pieces of scrap paper lying around! Plus I think this is the only way I have kept sane!  In fact, I have changed that much that people will probably think I have actually lost my mind!

You will notice I love to use…………,  !!!!!! and I elongate my wordssssss all the time!  I have bad grammar, and talk and write in straight up laymen term style! But hey ho, we all have our flaws and quite frankly I do not have a funny personality so I have to give you all something to laugh at!

Anyway back to the point.  After months and months of wanting answer for his reactions, trying to find something for his digestive and skin issues I went on my own man hunt try and came across doTERRA.  You know what us mums are like when the kids are ill, we will try anything!  Or at least I would have done before now!


will continue tomorrow im tried now zzzzz




Just like to let you know I had bowel cancer a couple of years ago and was left with a permanent colostomy bag which I needed to take laxatives on a daily basis. Since I’ve been using the slim & sassy, lemon & digestion daily in cooled boiled water I’ve not took a single laxative loving these oils gem love xxx